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What's the harm in doing so when most people who use Cemu, hacked WiiUs and 3DS' should be able to use them?

I believe I agree. However (excuse my ignorance, i just discovered this forum) can one share modded levels through smmdb? The plan is to upload them there, once put together, but I don't think i've seen any modded levels on smmdb.
Posted on 01-12-18, 07:43 pm in 1YCMM - Call for entries! (a non-mod level collection) (rev. 2 by ksepastremenos on 01-12-18, 07:45 pm)
Obviously no intent to counter
just realised this was going on here (i'm new)

Info is copied from:


Hi makers!

I am planning on getting together a level collection by members of this subreddit
(since such events keep the gaming communities active) and you are all welcome to submit levels!


The deadline is February 28th, though the earlier you send the levels the better, to give time for playtesting.

Sending levels:

Find the corresponding folder in your saves file folder
(read FAQ #10 for more info),
compress it, and mail it to k-pasta(at) *
Also include: your alias, level name, any other info you want about the level.

-must be original levels
-must have a cake somewhere in the level tutorial:
-can be any type of levels/difficulty (recommended to link a clear video, in case of a kaizo level, to help the playtest team)
-max 2 submissions per user

Helping out:

Mail me your email if you want to join the playtest team, so I can send you levels.
Post any ideas below.
Make/send levels!

Release Date:
The levels will be released early in March on SMMDB with the #1YCMM ** tag. If more than a few, they will be released in batches throughout March.

*I will send you a confirmation e-mail once i get your level
**1YCMM stands for 1YearCemuMarioMaker, but really anyone who can get save files through any means is welcome to participate.

Posted on 01-12-18, 02:42 pm in 1YCMM - Call for entries! (a non-mod level collection) (rev. 1 by ksepastremenos on 01-12-18, 02:43 pm)
Hi all.
I'm basically more interested in mario maker level sharing than modding (just cause i currently find smwcentral and smbx to have more potential on that aspect).
I don't own a wii u, but love mario maker and want to somehow be a part of an active gaming community.
Nice to be here!
Posted on 01-12-18, 02:21 pm in Introduce yourself! (rev. 1 by ksepastremenos on 01-12-18, 02:23 pm)