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Since: 02-14-18
I like pancakes and video games.
Français de naissance, English in my heart!

Pasta: Pennette Rigate
Favorite historical period: French revolution & Napoleon's Empire
Favorite game: Breath of the Wild in 1st, Undertale in 2nd

Favorite theme in SMM: Super Mario World
Favorite custom theme: Ugh. All Stars & Vanilla Revamped.
Discord: Osaro#8932
Skype: are you joking?

Pasta and chatting. Undertale also, that's good.
And shitposting too. It's better with a bit of shitposting.

I use some mods on my favorite games (Minecraft, BOTW, SMM…)

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thx alot.can u giv 2 temmi som money 4 studying plz?


nice pfp
love u
Posted on 06-25-18, 04:35 pm in smm2nintendo switch Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped
Don't really like SMW Peach.
Posted on 05-01-18, 02:39 pm in wiiu Princess Peach Maker
What's MA_DV_plain.szs ?
Posted on 02-21-18, 07:19 pm in wiiusmb3ds Coin Theme WIP (v.0.4)
Not for WiiU ? Shame !
Posted on 02-21-18, 07:16 pm in smb13ds Odyssey in 8-bit set
Nice theme!
Posted on 02-15-18, 06:31 pm in 3dssmwwii uswitch Volcano Theme
What the... What a weird theme...
Posted on 02-15-18, 06:29 pm in smwwii u Windows 98 in Super Mario Maker
Oh wow a "black & white" theme, that's must be funny to play with this theme x)
Posted on 02-15-18, 06:28 pm in wii usmm2 wip Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
Wow; would be nice for glitchy levels!
Posted on 02-15-18, 06:25 pm in trickglitch Glitchy Shell Mechanic in native SMM (Tested in 1.47, Wii U)
Amazing mod!
Posted on 02-14-18, 09:06 pm in Autumn theme
Wow. Styley ! :p
Posted on 02-14-18, 12:42 pm in Piranha Island Mod
Pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows !
Posted on 02-14-18, 12:21 pm in smb1 The Rainbow Mod
It would be great if you create others Yoshi (white, dark blue, normal blue, red, gray, purple, pink ETC ETC)
Multi-color Yoshi ?
Posted on 02-14-18, 12:21 pm in Night Yoshi mod
That seems to be really good, I'm going to test it!

EDIT: 0.4 isn't on Drive
Posted on 02-14-18, 11:27 am in wiiusmb3ds Coin Theme WIP (v.0.4) (rev. 1 by Osaro on 02-14-18, 11:58 am)
I'll follow this thread.
Posted on 02-14-18, 11:17 am in smm2nintendo switch Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped