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Thank you! I am new to Modding , so I wanted to join a good community to grow with!


Welcome to Mario Making Mods!
Can we expect a Wiiu version anytime?
Posted on 07-30-18, 11:01 pm in smw3dswii u Outside Ghost House
Alright! Looking forward to it!
Posted on 07-02-18, 01:26 pm in allwiiubeta 1 Retro Revival
A really neat Mechanic indeed!
Posted on 06-29-18, 03:39 pm in smb1wip Monochrome Theme
Aw man, I was looking forward to using this... is it dead 100%?
Posted on 06-29-18, 01:44 am in allwiiubeta 1 Retro Revival
Does this have have a custom BackGround?
Posted on 06-29-18, 01:43 am in wii unsmbu NSMBU Volcano Outside Theme
This is a great representation of the old SNES Version of SMB. Awesome mod!
Posted on 06-27-18, 11:54 pm in SMB NES Color Scheme Mod
I have noticed that the "Athletic Airship" Link is broken, it takes me to the "Castle Ruins" Download. The others work, just this one doesn't. Hope this can be fixed
Posted on 06-26-18, 11:38 pm in smm2nintendo switch Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped