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I am a Lycanroc who loves my friends and wishes for everyone to be happy.




This is yours and my reaction to my profile theme most likely.

"The thing that separates the wise man from the fool is whether or not they can learn from their mistakes" -Boured


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happy existence day




hi, do you have to have homebrww to run the modded levels


Nice Background music! Did you make it? It sound 12 bit ish.




Well then that's a problem, to be honest I'm fine with the Theme Category thing though what themes you keep is up to you.

Not to mention yeah get rid of MMM Red if it's stolen, stolen themes are a no no m8. It's good you were able to catch that.

I wish you the best of luck in finding a solution to this.
Posted on 01-03-18, 05:53 am in Theme Problem
Thanks. Quick question. Which size should I upload?

I'd recommend the 64x64 as it is the best quality, just included all sizes just in case.
Posted on 01-03-18, 02:34 am in fourmsimprovement Better Favicon
I noticed the Favicon of the site is using a jpg. While it does work the most glaring issue is that it is not transparent which could bother people (myself included). Not to mention it is a lot bigger than it really needs to be.

So I took the icon, made it transparent and converted it to an .ico file in 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 64x64 sizes. Each being 32kb which is a substantial decrease in filesize. Hope this helps and if you don't need it then that works too, just wanted to help this site look better.

Posted on 01-02-18, 11:01 pm in fourmsimprovement Better Favicon
"The thing that separates the wise man from the fool is whether or not they can learn from their mistakes" -Boured
Posted on 01-02-18, 09:04 pm in The Quotes Thread (rev. 1 by Boured on 01-02-18, 09:05 pm)
Oh snap, mah boi showing off his mods. Hope your able to port it to the Wii U.
Posted on 01-02-18, 07:49 pm in released Super Luigi Maker for 3DS (rev. 1 by Boured on 01-02-18, 07:49 pm)
I'm kind of excited for this board, not to mention that being one of the first couple hundred members is cool. I'm not much into hacking, but for SMM I can definitely make some cool levels out of whatever people make.
Posted on 01-02-18, 06:54 am in Toad Chat
Keeping my sanity.
Posted on 01-02-18, 06:47 am in What are your greatest life achievements?
Welcome. Although, please fix your post layout. It's extending your post box.

Sorry bout that, that layout was kinda made to be like that and was used in most places I visit. I'm now using my fallback layout, which is a lot more....interesting.

But anyways thank's for the welcome :3
Posted on 01-02-18, 06:11 am in Introduce yourself!
To be honest that is exactly what they are doing. It's like a child saying a fairy came through the window and made a mess in they're room. They are doing it so you are forced to buy the new phone or a newer one. This is why I use Android as at least it doesn't do that and the newest features don't cost you $1000.
Posted on 01-02-18, 06:01 am in Apple Throughtles Batteries
All the things from SmashDSP's channel (The channel that would replace the banned one) Were removed and a tweet on SmashCustomMusics Twitter page seems to suggest they were able to get it figured out.

Here's the Tweet
Posted on 01-02-18, 12:37 am in So SEGA turned into Nintendo
Hello, I'm Boured. Those who go to GBATemp or something probably know me, now on to 100% SMM for 3DS to get all the parts.

end me plz
Posted on 01-02-18, 12:31 am in Introduce yourself!