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falling upwards

Hello, welcome to Mario Making Mods! A platform where you, and other SMM modders can make mods and share them with this community! Enjoy your stay, AndThePanda.
I feel that having this background not in the castle theme because ending it with a axe kinda feels weird and I know about the lava but you can maybe copy it into none castle stage but this just a idea that i think would be cool
Posted on 03-12-19, 10:20 pm in wii unsmbu NSMBU Volcano Outside Theme
I think making a level with rising water like the one in the SMM 2 trailer would be cool or the poison water with a jungle background
Posted on 03-10-19, 02:40 am in smm wii u Cave filled with Water
Pretty cool but I would like to see it in the castle theme because it doesn't feel right ended a castle level by touching the flagpole also the blue fire would be a nice touch to other mods like the dry bowser mod
Posted on 03-10-19, 02:01 am in smm wii u Spooky Castle (With Dark Bowser)