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Sorry for the confusion. I was having trouble using the mod. I put the mod in the correct folder (luma/titles/(title I'd)/model/). It is an szs file.I held select on boot and made sure patching was on. I loaded Mario maker and went to smb1 style and it showed me a crash dump. Would you mind helping?
Posted on 09-25-19, 10:06 pm in The Ultimate Mario Maker Modding Guide
Sorry for SUPER late reply but I followed these instructions and it gave me a crash dump. Any idea why this is happening, and how I fix it?
Posted on 09-24-19, 08:28 pm in The Ultimate Mario Maker Modding Guide
So, I've been trying to make custom mods super mario maker 3ds. I successfully used ohana 3ds rebirth to export png's from the bin but I don't know what to do after I edit them. Could someone please show me how.
(I tried importing the png's to ohana3ds rebirth but it won't let me)
Posted on 09-24-19, 03:17 pm in SMM 3ds mod help