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oh hey, the usual "are you rich" reaction. owning a lot of consoles you gather over time doesn't make your parents, let alone you, rich.

with my brothers, we got the whole DS/3DS family and yet we aren't on a huge budget.
as for TV consoles, same story. we got the Wii 6 years after it was released, then the WiiU and recently the Switch.

also some misc stuff like Gameboy passed down from our dad, GBA Micro from our sis, and I own a Gameboy SP which can play GB/GBC/GBA games.
Posted on 07-26-18, 11:08 am in What consoles do you own?
can somebody ask Jamie if they want a Touhou plushie? I dunno where they check when posting, while hiding from parents.
Posted on 03-18-18, 11:25 pm in Toad Chat
I am the embodiment of Determination.

Don't you dare cringe.
Posted on 06-04-17, 03:14 am in Introduce yourself!