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There's absolutely no problem with that, I was playing SMM3DS last Sunday with an 11.6.0 Luma'd B9S'd New 3DS XL.
Posted on 02-01-18, 11:26 am in super smash bros3ds updating problem Bad News Relating with 3DS Update Problem
Well, that's really not a problem, everyone can screw up :P As long as it wasn't deliberate, I do not mind.
Posted on 01-24-18, 05:11 pm in Accidental screw up
W/o frameskipping, I run Mario Kart Ds at around 35-45fps lol. But DeSmuME is a piece of crap anyways lol. Dolphin Ishiiruka runs faster, as around 45-55fps, sometimes 60 in GBA custom tracks :P
Posted on 07-01-17, 01:08 pm in PCs thread
Well yeah, but now, in 2017 standards, all our PCs would get destroyed by the shittiest ultrabook thanks to Intel's 14nm optimization :P My PC can't run DeSmuME (not surprising) nor Dolphin too well. (ie NSMBWii is the only thing I can lock at 60fps at 1xIR) But I hope I'll get soon a better PC, like an HP Omen laptop.
Posted on 06-30-17, 04:22 pm in PCs thread
LMAO, I am supposed to have a crappy PC but I beat you all :P
CPU: Intel Core i3-5005U @ 2.0GHz (2-core)
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500 (integrated)
OS: Windows 10 Home
Storage: 1 TB HDD
Posted on 06-30-17, 01:13 pm in PCs thread
And where did you find that screenshot? :P I already sauw LOUISkov. is working on two DS tracks, someone at gamebanana on GCN Wario Colosseum, and Atlas&Wexos already released DS Shroom Ridge :P
Posted on 06-30-17, 10:57 am in sarcasm Modding scenes in a nutshell
MrBean is the one who hates MK8, lol.
That scene is kicking ass rn anyway.

Wait, what? Is someone really currently working on GCN Luigi Circuit?
Posted on 06-30-17, 10:53 am in sarcasm Modding scenes in a nutshell
MK8- Hello, I'm Chadderz and I have the tools, but I hate this game so just DIY and wait 2 more years even if I already have the tools
Posted on 06-29-17, 08:05 pm in sarcasm Modding scenes in a nutshell
That's really a shame that humans are such jerks. Watch whatever community, and there will always be drama... I even saw drama on calculator programming communities :P
Posted on 06-21-17, 03:15 pm in Lets try to stop all the drama
Hello, I'm a guy who hangs around and posts without hacking anything. I'm also that guy who eats popcorn while watching drama debates.
Posted on 06-10-17, 01:39 pm in Introduce yourself!
Hello, just registered here :P Just to say the Discord Link on startpage doesn't work anymore.
Posted on 06-07-17, 03:45 pm in Toad Chat