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Oh yeah, I was here pretty early on too, it's nice to come back and see all this new activity 🙂
Posted on 04-19-18, 01:45 pm in How did you guys find us?
Eh, I like the current one as it has the actual Mario Maker font. However, I can see it getting boring after a while.
Posted on 01-24-18, 06:45 pm in Mario Making Mods Logo Voting
OBS is free, and has no watermark, but it can be confusing to set up sometimes. As for the time, is that 8 AM or PM?
Posted on 01-18-18, 12:12 am in Super Mario Maker Kahoot game announcement!
For Oversized images, why don't you use the
Oh, i didnt know that existed, thanks.
Posted on 01-17-18, 10:59 pm in Toad Chat
......and I can't use discord to put a reaction, and don't really know how to hack, so I guess I'm not gonna do this. Would be fun to watch though. Are you going to Livestream it to the MMM YouTube or something?
1. If you want, I can add you in.
2. IDK how to live stream to YouTube.
3. You can try guessing for hacking.

1. Sure, why not.
2. Get OBS or another livestreaming service for PC. I livestream off my android tablet so i dont know much but I do know you'll need to look at the livestream options on Creator studio such as the stream key and thumbnail.
Posted on 01-17-18, 10:58 pm in Super Mario Maker Kahoot game announcement! (rev. 3 by NightYoshi370 on 03-05-18, 04:03 am)
......and I can't use discord to put a reaction, and don't really know how to hack, so I guess I'm not gonna do this. Would be fun to watch though. Are you going to Livestream it to the MMM YouTube or something?
Posted on 01-17-18, 08:47 pm in Super Mario Maker Kahoot game announcement!
Oh, cool. I made a webhook where it basically can send whatever I want to discord, just by saying it to the Google Assistant.

Of course, uhh I use it pretty much to do dumb stuff.
Posted on 01-17-18, 08:39 pm in Toad Chat (rev. 3 by DestroyerXL44 on 01-17-18, 10:59 pm)
Another reason i think of the randomized IDs are because they're trying to inflate the user count.
Wouldn't you just be able to look at the member list?
Posted on 01-15-18, 07:43 pm in About the randomized user IDs
Sounds like a really cool concept, but my question is, would it be possible to be able to use a real switch to control the game on your pc? Or is that impossible?
That can kind of be answered right away. I've already used my joycons on an N64 emulator on my tablet. They use Bluetooth, and can act as a Bluetooth controller. So, I don't see why not, you'd probably just need to map the keys or something.
Posted on 01-15-18, 07:18 pm in Toad Chat
Well, apparently a switch emulator has been announced.
Yuzu, a Nintendo switch emulator, is being made by the people who made Citra 3DS.
EDIT: Twitter embed didn't work, so click this:
Also, here's a little story on it:
What do you think? (Also, I read the twitter replies and saw that everyone was arguing over the legality of emulation lol. )
Posted on 01-15-18, 05:50 pm in Toad Chat (rev. 1 by DestroyerXL44 on 01-15-18, 05:51 pm)
Well, they showed off some interesting stuff. Here's some but not all of it:
-Mario Odyssey Balloon World Update: Adds a minigame where you hide and search for balloons in kingdoms with Luigi.
-Mario And Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC: Adds DK as a playable character.
-Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition: Didn't really pay attention to it, but it sounds cool.
-Mario Tennis Aces: Exactly what it sounds like. I'm extremely hyped for it for some reason.
-Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze for Nintendo Switch: Apparently this remake will add Funky as a playable character nd a two player mode.
I didn't mention it all here, just what I remembered. The video is here: (there's a full list of announcements in the description)
Posted on 01-12-18, 02:18 am in Nintendo Direct Mini discussion
So, there was a Nintendo direct mini lately. They announced a bunch of stuff, including updates, DLC, and new games and remakes.
What are you most excited for? I'm hyped for the Mario Odyssey update with Balloon World.
Posted on 01-12-18, 12:54 am in Nintendo Direct Mini discussion
Those are the best image edits I have ever seen.
Posted on 01-08-18, 02:17 am in Image Edit Thread!
Hmm. Switch hacking, huh? I like the sound of that, but I don't wanna risk getting banned by Nintendo.
Posted on 01-03-18, 09:56 pm in Nintendo Switch Future-Proof Exploit announced
Cool, Boured. Welcome to the board.
.....I'm so sorry.
Posted on 01-02-18, 11:18 pm in Toad Chat
this is why I use Android
I think they shouldn't have done this. It doubles as a way to force people into buying new phones and such. Then again, if they had announced this at the time it started I don't think it would have gone better. I actually use a cheap Android phone that was free, and I just do everything else on my PC and Android tablet, considering the only thing I really use my phone for is, well, to make phone calls.
Posted on 01-02-18, 02:53 am in Apple Throughtles Batteries (rev. 1 by DestroyerXL44 on 01-02-18, 02:53 am)
me: am I first asking dumb questions
mayro: yes
me: yay
Posted on 01-02-18, 02:43 am in The Quotes Thread
Lol, those are all realistic and hilarious at the same time. I like the "most explosive" and "best username" picks.
Posted on 12-31-17, 09:53 pm in Mario Making Mods Mosts 2017
Also, Chrome is bloatware. Stop using it.
Edge is a lot worse when it comes to that, it seems. At least on my computer.
Posted on 12-31-17, 01:05 pm in What Web-Browsers do you commonly use?
In my opinion, edge is absolute trash compared to Chrome. It even pesters you in notifications to use it again after you switch to Chrome. I use chrome as it's a lot more flexible as far as extensions and such.
Posted on 12-31-17, 12:35 am in What Web-Browsers do you commonly use?