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falling upwards

Welcome! We hope you have a great time here! You can post mods, download mods from the community and chat with us! Enjoy your stay!
Doesn't that look familiar 👀

It says the video is unavailable, either way I know about the mod for SMM, I have not taken reference from that mod and all my assets are remade from scratch.
Posted on 10-29-19, 12:03 am in smm2 Super Mario Bros. Special Mod for SMM2

This is SM64's Source code decompiled by a bunch of clever folks, translated from MIPS ASM back to C, this is a WIP and will still be updated.
You either need Windows 10 or Linux, Apple is not supported.

Posted on 08-27-19, 02:47 am in Super Mario 64 Decompilation Project

This is a mod that ports the sharp-x1 version of Super Mario Bros. Special to Super Mario Maker 2.

I made this mod myself with help from the Mario Making Mods discord.

(More previews coming soon...)

Posted on 08-27-19, 12:47 am in smm2 Super Mario Bros. Special Mod for SMM2