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falling upwards

Hold on. It says "courses can still be uploaded, played, and evalulated. You can't upload via 3DS, nor can you Star courses... are these just typos, or do they mean something?
Posted on 11-08-17, 05:59 am in 3ds Super Mario Maker 3DS Update Changelogs (rev. 1 by MarioKirby101 on 11-08-17, 05:59 am)

I made a few costumes... they may just be recolors but they're something. Anyways, enjoy!

Posted on 08-20-17, 11:11 pm in Luigi & Wario costumes (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 03-20-19, 05:11 pm)
Posted on 07-25-17, 06:51 am in I have a ton of extra SMAS tilesets... (rev. 1 by MayroSMM on 07-31-17, 06:16 pm)
Heya. I know I'm new to this forum, but I feel like I should tell you that I have some nice 16 bit tilesets (SMB1 and SMB3), and I'd like to see 'em in Mario Maker.

(Also, I have a ton of NPCs, if you can put those in too)

If you're interested in making it happen, just let me know.

(BTW, I'll accept 3DS but I'd prefer Wii U for these)
Posted on 07-24-17, 08:13 am in I have a ton of extra SMAS tilesets... (rev. 1 by MarioKirby101 on 07-24-17, 08:15 am)