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Well, considering that a lot effort goes into good sprite images it's not pointless. I don't feel like arguing because in the end we both won't get to the same point anyways.

And you don't have to record yourself doing that Thwomp. From the results you can clearly see that things are different.
Posted on 08-04-17, 08:05 pm in nsmbu Miyamoto!
Firstly if you really did those signboards i apologize for that point.
Still for example the thwomp is exactly the same as the one I did.

I see nothing wrong with registering here to express my opinion.
You don't close comments on a pull requests without a reason.
And finally I have absolutly no idea what Reggie U thing you are talking about.

And yes, I react unfriendly when people take stuff without permission.

I'm not feeling like arguing about this anymore as well as it won't get anywhere anyways.
Posted on 08-04-17, 07:46 pm in nsmbu Miyamoto!
* Added more sprite images.

Of which almost all are stolen. I gave you the chance to remove all stolen things. You denied the pull request. You also did not bother removing all of the stolen assets. And you lie about it:

"I also would like to inform you that the signboards, piranha plants, and thwomp are all mine."

And oh, your thwomp is really different. But wait! You simply cropped the one made by me:

We would have been fine if you simply removed the sprites taken from ProjectRed. But you rather think you get away by pretending you removed all the stuff.
I find it disgusting that you locked comments on the pull request making me look like I raise false claims.

You are not only a theif (you would call it "I forgot giving credit" and "I didn't ask for permission because I was too lazy to contact the original authors.") but are also a liar.


Edit: Also before you mention this again: this does not belong into DM. You stole and lied publically so you also deserve to be flagged for that.
Posted on 08-04-17, 05:13 pm in nsmbu Miyamoto! (rev. 2 by RicBent on 08-04-17, 05:15 pm)