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I've gone into multiple threads of different mods in the depot, but anything that is "hidden" behind a button like "Download" or "Screenshots" just does... nothing.

I click on the button a million times but nothing happens. It doesn't expand, it doesn't show anything, just nothing. I've even tried looking at this site in three different browsers and they just don't work.

I've tried multiple threads about mods on this site like the buttons on the "Retro Mario Bros" or "Deltarune Theme" pack and those buttons do nothing, I can't see any screenshots, I can't download, I can't do anything unless it's in a normal link. Is this going to be fixed so the site can be used? Because I don't get what's going on.
Posted on 01-20-19, 12:34 pm in Why do none of the "buttons" on this site work? (rev. 1 by NightStar on 01-20-19, 12:35 pm)