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I ported the snow BG from New Super Mario Bros.Wii to SMM
Also changed the sky texture to make it night time
Download Link: (updated due to wrong file being uploaded by mistake)
and a screenshot
Posted on 12-18-18, 11:20 pm in NSMBWII Snow BG in Super Mario Maker (rev. 1 by WarioTails358 on 12-19-18, 02:11 am)
Hi! I'm WarioTails358, and this is my first mod for Super Mario Maker!
The Dessert BG from NSMBU ported to SMM, now due to differences between the two game I will do my best to explain what has been changed.
Since NSMBU uses materials for the clouds, they look wrong here, also some textures do not wrap correctly but NSMBU had this too, and the lighting is off since NSMBU uses its own materials for BG's instead of SMM using a single file for it.
Anyway here's the Download Link:
Be sure to credit me if you show it off in a video or put it in one of you mod packs.
You can simply refer to me as WarioTails358 or WTails358.
And a screenshot too
Posted on 12-18-18, 06:58 pm in Layer-Cake Desert BG Ported from NSMBU to SMM