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Thanks. I wasn't too sure about the decision to do it, that's all ^^
Posted on 06-30-17, 08:56 pm
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Smash Bros. layout please? You can choose whichever colors you want and the images and how you position them doesn't really matter.


Posted on 07-10-17, 07:31 am
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A Smash Bros layout, for @sks316.
Anyone can use it, but let's not have a bunch of the same themes here.

Here is how it looks:

You can download it here:

Or you can browse through my layouts here:

Not my best theme here, but I'm kinda lazy today, sorry.

Before complaining that it doesn't work, please change the 62s to your user number (found by hovering over your username).

If there's anything wrong with this, please tell me.

I just made this based off the NSMBW layout.
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Can you make me a Super Mario Odyssey theme, please?

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Posted on 01-02-18, 03:35 pm
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I don't make them anymore, sorry.
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ok then

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