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This is a tutorial on how to make your own custom Super Mario Maker clapperboards.

  • An image editing program
  • Layout.pack (Located inside your Pack folder)
  • Images that you want to replace the clapperboard with
  • Wexos Toolbox (Download on the right-hand side)
  • Switch Toolbox

  1. Open Layout.pack with Wexos Toolbox , double click "Layout.pack" & go to "Edit" then "Search"
  2. Type in "Layout/Cmn_ClapperboardBtn_00.szs" & Press "OK"
  3. Right-click the file and press "Export"
  4. Navigate to where you want to save your file.
    • NOTE: Before you press "Save", find the "File name" on the save window, & delete "Layout/" from the name. Wexos will not let you save until you do this.

  5. Open the exported file & export the .arc file.
  6. Open the exported .arc file and export the following files:
    • 1. timg/KachinkoAO_00^t.bflim
    • 2. timg/KachinkoBeauty_00^t.bflim
    • 3. timg/KachinkoAO_01^t.bflim
    • 4. timg/KachinkoBeauty_01^t.bflim

    AO = Ambient Occlusion (Tells the file which parts are light, and which parts are dark. (Like the Edges))
    Beauty = The Base Color Maps

  7. Open "KachinkoAO_00^t.bflim" with Switch Toolbox, you should see this:

  8. Press "File" then "Export" on the Top, Left-Hand corner of the window.
    • NOTE: There are two "File"s in Switch Toolbox, press this one:

  9. Save it as a PNG to wherever location you want (Make sure the ending of the filename is ".png" not ".bflim"
  10. Edit it with GIMP (Or any other image editing program) & make the entire image Black.

  11. Overwrite the image.
  12. Open "KachinkoBeauty_00^t.bflim" with Switch Toolbox & repeat step 8.
  13. Open the file with your image editing program & change it to look how you want it to.
    • Mine:

  14. Save the image then repeat steps 7 - 11 but with "KachinkoAO_01^t.bflim"
  15. Repeat steps 12 - 13 but with "KachinkoBeauty_01^t.bflim"

  16. In Switch Toolbox open "KachinkoAO_00^t.bflim" & press "File" then "Replace".
  17. Navigate to the PNG & double-click it.

  18. Save it as the settings shown here:

  19. Press "OK", then "File", "Save" & Replace the original BFLIM.
  20. Repeat steps 16 - 19, but with "KachinkoAO_01^t.bflim", "KachinkoBeauty_00^t.bflim", & "KachinkoBeauty_01^t.bflim"
  21. Replace all 4 BFLIM's in "Cmn_ClapperboardBtn_00.arc" in Wexos Toolbox.
  22. In Wexos Toolbox, export "blyt/Cmn_ClapperboardBtn_00.bflyt"
  23. Open the BFLYT in Wexos Toolbox & Delete "P_PlateAO_00" & "P_BarAO_00" (Right click, then Remove)

  24. Save the BFLYT & Import into .arc
  25. Save .arc
  26. Replace .arc in .szs
  27. Save .szs
  28. Replace .szs in "Layout.pack" & Save "Layout.pack"
  29. Boot SMM with Cemu or with SDCaffeine on your Wii U
  30. Done! You have successfully made your own Clapperboard.
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Since: 05-08-18
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