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This tutorial uses Cafiine, in which all the files are hosted on your PC. The disadvantage to using Cafiine is that you can't do this tutorial if you can't go online with your wii u and you'll need a PC. The advantage is that if you are a beta tester or you are a theme developer, every time you want to change your files, you won't have to close your wii u, take out SD, edit, reinsert, launch hax, and etc... Instead, you'll get a live preview.

If you want to have everything hosted on your PC, I'd advise you follow our SDCafiine tutorial. Keep in mind that you'll need Haxchi installed if you need to be able to use this offline.


Q: cafiine_server is stuck in listening...
A: Make sure you are conected to your Wii U properly, as shown in the guide below.

Q: My files aren't showing up in game!
A: You probably didn't emulate the folder structure properly. Take a look at one of the logs to help you.

Q: Does this work on the latest FW (5.5.2)?
A: No, sorry. It only works on firmwares 4.1.0 through 5.5.1.

What you'll need

- Cafiine
- A Windows PC
- A Wii U that it's FW is from 4.1.0 to 5.5.1


Part 1: PC setup

1. Extract the contents of onto the desktop
2. Go to your folder where the cafiine code can be found.
3. Go to the /server/cafiine-root/ folder
4. Make a new folder according to your title ID. Here is a list of all the title IDs for your specific game
5. Make a new folder called /vol/content/
6. Put all your mods in the /vol/content/ folder.

Part 2: Getting the IP

1. Hold down the windows key + R
2. Type "cmd"
3. Type ipconfig
4. Copy the IP that appears in IPv4 address.

Part 3: WiiU

1. Go to the internet browser.
2. Clear your cookies
3. Enter the address
4. Select the program Cafiine + Kernal
5. It'll trigger a litle fake video. Press the Home Button to go to the internet browser (again)
6. With the D-PAD, move the cursor up and down to match your IP.
7. Press A.
8. It should trigger the home menu. Hit the "Wii U menu" button.
9. Start up the cafiine server on your PC by loading the cafiineserver.exe program.
10. On your Wii U, load up the game.

You should be getting the modifications you put. If you don't, consult the FAQ above.

If it works, enjoy!

If you need a video guide, DarkFlare made one.
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