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Posted on 08-29-17, 09:32 pm by NightYoshi370 (rev. 3 by NightYoshi370 on 11-26-17, 05:26 pm)
Sonic likes bridges. Do you?

Look here, as we take a look at a recreation of a sonic level starring from a game that no one remembers (Sonic 1: Master System/Game Gear)

The story is, that after the good ending of sonic mania, the portal "accidentally" dropped off classic sonic to modern bridge zone because there were rumors that the bridges there were too weak to handle the events of Sonic Forces. Of course, this place was abandoned so it still looked 8-bit, even after all these generations. He needed to leave, as the phantom ruby is still in the portal, and if even a slight crack happened, the marvelous god-like devilish creature that is known as infinite will unleash and take over all the colors in the world. Can sonic catch up to the portal?

Here is a video showcasing this level:

Credits to NightYoshi370 for the video, and Vebills for making this.

Download Level