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cool dude
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From: mars
Fossil Falls is here in 8 bit!

The Cascade Kingdom is now in Super Mario Maker!
Why? I don't know, I have no purpose.
Oh yeah, Tater-Tot Tunes made the music.

Tater-Tot Tunes

WiiU Download
3DS Download

Full Credits:
Buntendo - Tileset & Background
GRAnimated - Imported Background for Wii U
Tater-Tot Tunes - Background Music
Samplasion - 3DS Port
Discord - Buntendo#4069
Twitter - @buntendoswitch
Switch - SW-7334-1776-1312
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Looks awesome!
Posted on 10-28-17, 09:40 pm
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From: i dont know

I can make the 3DS version, but please can you send me a .png of the tileset? My Mac refuses to open .szs files.

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Posted on 11-18-17, 05:46 pm