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The Street Fighter Ryu joins the roster of Super Mario Maker Mystery Mushroom Costumes! He goes over Dr. Lobe (from Big Brain Training/Costume 98) and is the first costume I've created that doesn't use the sound effects of the character they're over! Ryu uses the sounds of the Goomba costume, the only downside of which is that it plays the sound of a Goomba being stomped on when you press up.

The sprites for this were, once again, created by Kirby-Kid on Deviantart ( I imported it using Wexos's Toolbox and Paint.NET. Kirby-Kid has created sprites for one more skin I plan to import, so the only thing to do there is decide who it'll go over.

If anyone knows where the sound effects for the Pokemon and ? Block are, please tell me. If someone tells me where they are, I'll update this to feature those sound effects instead of the Goomba's.

The Appeal sprite

The Flagpole sprite



The original sprites by Kirby-Kid

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