Mario Making Mods

Which of the following kingdoms would you like to see as a mod for Super Mario Maker?
Wooded Kingdom / Steam Gardens
 1 (20%)
Lake Kingdom / Lake Lamode
 0 (0%)
Lost Kingdom / Forgotten Isle
 0 (0%)
Bowser's Kingdom / Bowser's Castle
 3 (60%)
Moon Kingdom / Honeylune Ridge
 1 (20%)
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All mods will be done with the one with the most votes being done first.

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I do think all the Odyssey themes have been completed. However, buntendo will need to correct me on that.
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no, they haven't
i've been taking a huuuuuge break on them because of smmvr, but if i do make more, i'm going to remake my existing ones to be more high quality
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