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Hi welcome to the thread for my theme mod of M&L BIS

Here I will post updates to the mods development
such as completions or questions

A few things has already been decided but there are still something's I haven't thought out yet
and I think community input would be nice so please comment any ideas for the theme mod

(oh and fyi most of it will be based off the trashpit zone but other zone parts may show up as well)
looks like golbin is wining
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Posted on 02-11-18, 05:30 pm, deleted by Samplasion
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If I wouldn't be a hassle could an admin delete this thread as it is out dated
Posted on 02-12-18, 01:38 am (rev. 2 by Glitchy the SMM main on 02-12-18, 01:44 am)
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ok, i put it in trash and i am now closing the thread.
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