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So with the recent success that Mania had, and the ultimate failure that was forces, I think Sega is going to make another game like Mania. In this thread, I'll be posting my thoughts and opinions on what it can be, and how I would want it to be.


After the events of Forces, classic sonic goes to a new land, alongside Tails and Knuckles. This new land is the land that Infinite has ruled using the phantom ruby's power. Infinite has remembered all what Modern Eggman has done, and decided to set revenge on classic Eggman (in this story, we'll call him Robotnik), as well as take power on all of Mobius. After you defeat the first zone, the world goes back to normal, and infinite flees, waiting for you in the final zone. In the meantime, he makes some new phantoms to distract sonic on the real plan.


They will be Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. In the middle of the story, you will unlock Amy.


All stages will be completely brand new, except for 2. One of them is a cutscene, and the other is the final zone.
The first stage is Green Hill Zone, and that's the corrupted land that Infinite has sent them to, but its only revealed once infinite has fleed. The last zone will be Angel Island Zone, and this will be the largest zone in the whole game. Once you have arrived, you'll be greeted with Chaos 0.


There will be only 2 types of gameplay styles. The first one is the main game, where you rush through zones, collecting rings, classic Mania stuff. No Boost, just pure classic stuff (Mania Classic, not Forces classic). The second style is only appear able in the final zone, and its the knuckles master emerald finding. Unlike the Chemical Plant Act 2 boss, this will actually flow in with the rest of the game.

Bonus Games

The way Bonus Games will be set in this game will be completely new, and not Sonic 1 Special Stages/Blue Spheres. What we will do, however, is a sort of Time attack. Or maybe something like, "Finish this in a certain amount of time", or anything that keeps the flow with the main game. As for Special Stages, they wont exist. Rather, you'll just need to find the actual chaos emeralds in the stage.

What do I think

For me, I think this list will actually change up quite alot in classic sonic fans, but TBH, they don't even have to make this a classic game. Just make it anything but the boost gameplay :P. I did really enjoy the original game, and I was really dissapointed with forces, so I guess this is the best of both worlds.
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