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Since: 01-24-18
Well while i was having some fun trying to improve my metroid mod(I was trying to put a new underground background)
I found the byaml of mario and i decided to make him more powerful so i made him have all the powers from SMW and WiiU.
I know that it is not something special but try it!!
It's really cool and fun :)

Also i was able to make goombas run like crazy and some other stuff...
I will not post those for now.

Here's the link:!ctoTgazK!hrT4Kub04S0poWumTjmT2H2jiyR4-Txzq1r4sKWPfps

Posted on 02-17-18, 01:17 pm
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Since: 06-01-18
can you post a mediafire link? MEGA won't work for me.
Posted on 01-31-19, 12:07 pm