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Since: 05-23-17
From: Yeah, no.
In Reggie, there's an option that lets you warp across the edges of the zones in each area.
However, you would have to mimmick the its set up as shown in 01-20 in NSMBW.

It's... really hard and annoying to set up right. So I made an Area template that you can
download and use for your levels! The level only has one area with one zone set up for your

In the zone, there are blocks that show how to properly warp across the edges if you were to
walk in a straight line.

There are a few things you need to know before using this.

With all that said, here's the download link:!uVJgwDgJ!9f7wPYcLIzdebDK2Dwvv1XJwcDlnr4rVAGsi1QDCJh4

Oh! Also, here's the test level for this I made!!6UZ01DBb!M7GYD-mYno1KRsswa5YvgmbgojadZR7bsp-v60Ue_24

Don't play it! It's really really bad! I was honestly
just testing the template, but then I got bored and
decided to make a level out of it. Oops!

Posted on 05-27-17, 08:55 pm
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From: Death Mountain
I tried making a really old winter themed level have this feature but on Dolphin Emulator the results that I got scarred me for life (it seemed like the textures of Mario's face were super enlarged or some other bullcrap). But with this guide, I can make more creative levels, thanks to you. Thanks so much man!

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Posted on 05-28-17, 07:18 pm
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From: The 3rd dimension
Why didn't I see thus earlier, this is AWESOME, I wanna try making a downward bonecoaster level out of this with the coaster warping to the other side. Also that test level tho! :p
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Posted on 05-30-17, 01:16 am
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From: Yeah, no.
A Bone Coaster level with this? I never thought of that!

Hmm... It will work. If you plan to make a downward scrolling level,
I suggest making the lava fall as well to go with the theme. :)
Posted on 05-30-17, 01:23 am
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From: Mushroom Kingdom
I would like making a bone coaster level where it goes upwards instead of downwards, and it has rising lava.
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