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The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures was released in 2013. I've always loved the game, and I thought about wanting to create courses using the aesthetics of it. I've recreated the course "Future F-ckballs 2010" in Super Mario Maker ( After knowing how to hack SMM, I wondered what I was gonna do next. And thus, my curiosity began to emerge and thought about what possibilities I have for a new mod. And so, I went with the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. The mod itself was a pain to make, since I individually recreated Most of the sprites myself, but the Happy Fun Candy Time (Ground) and Nerd sprites were ripped by the Spriters Resource user, Mario1999562. I had to edit them a bit so they would not only fit the grid of the Super Mario Brothers 3 sprite sheet, but so they could go along with the Small, Super, and Fire thing as well. Buntendo is also working on a Sound pack for it (It's coming soon, because there are some bugs with it that we'll be fixing) and NightYoshi370 is helping with a 3DS port of the mod, which will also be coming soon.

Ground: Happy Fun Candy Time

Underground: Future F-ckballs 2010

Ghost House: A--holevania

Airship: Beat It and Eat It

Castle: Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts

Watch the trailer here:

Wii U Download:

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