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You know how Super Mario Maker has a grass theme? Well, SMB3 apparently uses a wooden theme instead. Not really sure why. So if you wanted to have a grass theme instead, I made you this:

It has a few glitches here and there. Sorry about that. It was a little error that happened when zachabossaloler imported it for me.


MayroSMM: Created the tileset.
zachabossaloler: Imported the tileset.
NightYoshi370: 3DS Import

Direct Download (WiiU)
3DS Import
Zach's Video
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Nice theme i will check it right now!
Um i did some edits to your tileset...
Nothing special just semi-solids,a little recolor to the clouds(not visible) and ice.
If you want to test it out just click the link and download the file.!At4AhBLB!_K1K3i9vVWJRY5xHN5c4tA
Of course if you don't like my changes just tell me to remove my post.;)
Edit (Yet again):
I also made a new background for you theme too!!!
Try it out.
Use the link above.
Posted on 03-04-18, 07:40 pm (rev. 2 by Kreas on 03-04-18, 10:53 pm)