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Since: 05-17-17
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Before saying anything, I should point out that I had nothing to do with the creation of this theme. It was actually created by zachabossaloler using assets ripped by Jouw. I'm just creating this for organisation purposes.

This theme emulates what a SMAS theme would look like in Super Mario Maker. It uses assets ripped from the game to do this. Sadly, there are a few tiling errors in this one. Hopefully you can live with that.

Important note: Many comments on zachabossaloler's video have claimed that the tileset is full of errors. This is because the tileset is not compatible with v1.4 or above. Sorry about that.

Jouw: Ripped the SMAS assets
zachabossaloler Created the tileset

Direct Download
Zach's Video
Posted on 05-29-17, 07:13 pm
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From: Final Destination
I already made a 3DS Version, but I made the tiles myself. I'll post a thread in the next days.
Posted on 06-06-17, 01:16 am
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From: Box
Nice! We've done a few extra SMAS things that we'll be releasing in the next few weeks. Looking forward to showing it.
Posted on 06-06-17, 01:14 pm
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Did you get around to finishing it, though?
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Posted on 07-19-17, 07:27 pm
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We'll be finishing it when the summer holidays start.
Posted on 07-20-17, 08:27 am