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Super Smash Maker
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Since: 01-16-18
Hey everyone, been a while since I've done one of these so ill just get strait to the point,

Nes-realistic SMB,: Completed : YES! I KNOW D.T. did a SIMULAR mod, but there are key difference's from his mod and mine,
if anyone would like to help with the mod compile then here is the dropbox link:

SCP:CB mod, : Cancelled : No one voted for the poll, that implied that no one really cared about this one,

Super Smash Maker : Cancelled : I just kind of let this one fade, it could work but admittedly it would be kind of awkward

Super Mario adventure : Current focus : just a short level series that looks better with this mod,

Well a-diba-diba that's all folks, Please do vote on which theme i should focus on,
Posted on 07-20-18, 12:05 pm