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Would you like to see it being inspired by the recently successful 3D Mario title, Odyssey ?
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 2 (18.18%)
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Since: 08-09-17
From: Bardoli, India
After Nintendo released the New Super Mario Bros. U, they have gotten a mixed review about it from the fans as some really enjoyed it but some took it as a recycled product with little innovation. In my opinion, it was enjoyable although not as much as the Wii installment.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo releasing yet another 2D Mario title on the Switch? Should it be like the previous ones or should it follow a new path inspired by the Odyssey and freshness of its theme ?

Posted on 08-13-18, 03:42 am
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Since: 08-09-18
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New Super Mario Bros was the first Nintendo game I had ever played and I can say it was very enjoyable. I have played and learned the location of almost everything in these games! So if a version was made for the switch, it and Smash Bros would be the reason for me buying a switch. (I just don't want it to have anything related to Odyssey honestly)
Posted on 08-13-18, 02:35 pm (rev. 1 by domcarminefilix on 08-13-18, 02:37 pm)