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Idk how im second most active I'm now 99.9^100% dead
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This is just for testing post layouts. If you feel like this isn't needed after I finish testing some layouts, you can trash if you want. (Oh btw im going to add a couple of spaces so I can see how it looks if I post a long post.)

If you want to have one of these layouts I will be more than happy to give it to you for free :)

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There is already a thread to doing so. I can't recall where it is, but it exists.
Old 3DS XL info:
I used to have a 3DSafe A9LH V11.3.0-36U with Luma in my CTRNAND. Since ReiNAND Reibooted and Re-Reileased, I "switch"ed back.
Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.
Posted on 09-18-18, 06:41 pm