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From: Yeah, no.
Once upon a time, I had lots of fun making Speedrun courses I could beat.
It came to a point where I decided to put all my Speedrun ideas together
into one final course.
And that's how this came about!

It's a SMB speedrun course. The main difference in this is that you always
have the Starman ability. Like any other Speedrun, however, you'll probably
die a few times. It's nothing that hard though. It's a nice challenge to try
in case you have nothing else to do. :)

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From: Box
There's really no harm in making separate threads for these if you wanted to. Especially since your levels are of good quality. I remember Ceave Gaming talking about some of your Mario Kart stages, too.

If I was still playing the game often I'd bookmark 'em. :P
Posted on 06-04-17, 09:14 pm