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I have experienced that a search function is not really useful when trying to find a question, mainly because you don't know how they worded the question. I feel that a chat, such as Discord or IRC (I prefer Discord because you could just add custom commands to the bot for frequently asked questions), is a better fit for this.
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Dragoneel U is an ambitious modification of Newer Super Mario Bros. U that features new worlds, a new creative storyline developed around Mario & his friends and the Dragoneel race and some new game elements that allow for new level design ideas to be made real.

Tell me what you think so far. ^^

I'm also super open to any and all ideas, so, if there's something you want to see in this mod, really, feel free to just suggest it.
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I am currently cleaning up / partly rewriting Miyamoto. As soon as that's done, I will start writing a feature that will allow you to use any number of tilesets in a level. More features are already planned. More interesting things will be revealed soon.
Posted on 08-07-17, 09:42 am in nsmbu Miyamoto!
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Let me introduce a new message board software: Lunarboard.

Lunarboard is a message board software inspired by the greatest ideas of social networks, blog platforms and message board software that already exist. It combines the best ideas and finds clever ways to push them to the next level. Lunarboard combines instant messages, blogs, showcases, discussions, collaboration, communities and social interaction in a beautiful, responsive, intuitive and powerful application you and your visitors will love to use.

Configurable: Permissions

Users can be added to one or multiple user group(s). You are able to fine tune the permissions for each user and group. You can define exactly who can do what, and where. We try our best to keep the permission system easy to understand and intuitive to use.

Customisable: Themes

Users can create and submit their own themes. A powerful theme creator helps with creating beautiful themes that are a joy to look at. Themes can also be configurable, meaning that users could, for instance, choose from a list of predefined colour palettes or backgrounds. Advanced themes can also contain JavaScript to, for instance, render WebGL rain in the background of the page.

Personal: Post designs and multiple avatars

Users can create post designs that change how their posts look like. They can create a number of these post designs, and you can specify a maximum. When users submit a post, they can assign one of their post designs and one of their avatars (as they can have multiple) to the post. Every user is able to disable post designs if they prefer a consistent look and feel.

Social: User Blogs

Users can have their own personal space to talk about any topic. This is of course configurable in the permissions system.

Responsive: Bootstrap and ReactJS

Lunarboard uses the most popular web styling framework, Bootstrap. This results in 100% responsiveness and beautiful pages you will love to browse. The usage of ReactJS results in consistently great performance. This combination means standards compliance with the modern web across the major web browsers. In short: Lunarboard will always look beautiful and perform well, no matter which of the major web browsers your visitors may use.

Flexible: Django ORM

Lunarboard is built on top of Django. This means it is compatible with various database management systems such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and many more. You have the freedom to choose the database management system you prefer.

Extendable: Plugin System

Plugins can extend the functionality of Lunarboard by extending its data structure, executing logic when a certain event happens (e.g. a new user was created, or a post that contains a certain word was posted, etc.), and adding new pages, or extending already existing ones (if they define places where plugins can add their widgets).

Easy Development: RESTful API

Lunarboard’s RESTful API allows developers to interact with Lunarboard easily. There is an extensive, auto-generated API documentation that tells you in a simple way how to use each API endpoint.

Rewarding & Fun: XP System, Economy and Games

(This system is fully optional as it consists of plugins.)
Users earn XP (“Experience Points”) for submitting posts and chatting with others. Basically, they get rewarded for being active. Every time they gather a certain amount of XP, they “level up”. Users can also earn virtual money which they can spend on virtual items. These items can then be used in games. The higher the level of a user, the better the items they can purchase in the shop. Games can be added by plugins, as well as methods of earning XP and virtual money.

Secure: Spam and Flood Prevention

Lunarboard allows for the use of reCaptcha, the current industry standard for preventing automated bots from registering accounts. StopForumSpam prevents known spammers from registering accounts.

Informative: Analytics

Admins can view where visitors are coming from, how they were referred to your site and what parts of your site they visit the most. Plugins can add data that can be displayed on the analytics panel.

Other features include:

- Special pages
- Upvotes/downvotes (both optional)
- Instant messaging
- Notifications
- Custom BBCode
- Polls/Surveys
- User file storage
- Embedded Imgur/Pastebin/etc. uploaders
- Reports, warnings, temporary bans, permanent bans, IP bans

Join the discussions on the Lunarboard Discord server.

We might use this for at some point. Feel free to tell us your opinions!
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Feel free to read up on responsive web design if you want to learn about how Lunarboard's mobile layout works.
Posted on 06-10-17, 10:06 pm in New upcoming forum software: Lunarboard (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 06-25-17, 06:31 am)
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Well, you can surely help out with that without being a mod. :)
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As some of us do not have the required dedication, skill or resources (yes, some of us don't have a PC and/or Wii U) required to build an NSMBU mod but still have lots of ideas, I decided to create this thread. It is also useful for people who do create their mods, but decide not to implement an idea because it would be too much, or because it wouldn't fit to the rest of their mod. You can post ideas of custom sprites, custom levels, custom power-ups and story ideas here.

I'll start by posting the Trello board of Dragoneel U, a discontinued NSMBU hack. The Trello board has some decent level theme ideas you could take inspiration from. You can also feel free to just blatantly revive (part of) Dragoneel U if you want to.

I hope to see some amazing ideas in this thread! I think it's okay if your post will be a bit short in the case you have just one idea to post about.

Edit: I removed the link to the Trello board as I will probably continue this hack soon. :)
Posted on 06-17-17, 11:07 am in nsmbu Idea Depot (rev. 1 by Aileen Lumina on 06-21-17, 06:13 am)
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It would be really cool if you could also add custom background music to this theme. :)
Posted on 08-06-17, 08:43 am in Castle Bleck Theme