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There's been a bunch of stuff that has happened over the past days regarding this forum and the Discord server! Here's exactly what!

Firstly, we've got a new logo on the forums, as well as the Discord server. It's designed by our very own NightYoshi370, and feel free to voice your thoughts on it down below.

Sadly, our old bot on the server went down due to a server breach. However, we have MaryO made by MoonlightCapital to fill the void! We also got IRC relay working, if you're into that kind of stuff.

We've also had a few staff changes, here's a list:

MayroSMM -> Global Moderator
Deleted User -> Admin
Toms -> Global Moderator
Aileen Lumina -> Admin

On a side note, I was told that there are a few board upgrades heading your way... ;)

I do have something to say about that "other" board. We are not affiliated with that other URL, "".

This will always be the official Mario Making Mods site, despite the misleading name.

Finally, I'd like to end with thanking you all for being a part of MarioMakingMods, and hope you'll continue to have fun here in the future! ^w^
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