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Everything here is false except location because I dont care

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fuccer gurgee

Vadelma Kisu77





I've noticed how inactive I am

Posted on 01-11-18, 05:22 am in Toad Chat
Posted on 12-06-17, 02:31 am in smwwii u Windows 98 in Super Mario Maker
Yay I'm the most missed retard here
thx for voting m8
Posted on 12-06-17, 01:23 am in Mario Making Mods Mosts 2017 (rev. 1 by god on 12-06-17, 01:24 am)
The mod could use some polishing, but other than that, pretty good hack. Tell Hellhog he did a good job!
Posted on 11-13-17, 04:18 am in nsmbw Koopa Country Wii
I played a Basketball scrimmage and did drills all day because of reasons. Also, that scrimmage was at night, so no twats saying I have the worst candy even though I just give out normal treats, my drug addict neighbors on the other hand (probably)...
Posted on 11-02-17, 03:13 am in Toad Chat
Hello my lord. Welcome to the pot farms- I mean uh- weed alley- I mean uh- Marijuana Sales Inc- I mean uh- fuck I forgot.
Posted on 10-24-17, 02:36 am in Introduce yourself!

Nice photo of me
Posted on 10-24-17, 02:29 am in The Quotes Thread
SNES has SMW, Earthbound, Link to the Past, all that shit. It won.
Posted on 10-19-17, 01:53 pm in The 16-bit console war
What are we talking about here? :P
I love McDonalds, as you can tell from my layout.
Posted on 10-19-17, 03:30 am in Toad Chat
I forgot to introduce myself I think. I'm a retard who studies game design in university and wants a Ph.D. even though he's too dumb to live. I love hacking NSMBW, even though I suck at it. Enjoy me or die.
Posted on 10-18-17, 02:03 am in Introduce yourself!
I have posted this hack in multiple places :P Anyways, this is a NSMBWii hack in development, being worked on by me, TheSunCat, and Super Hackio.
Thought I might as well post here, too.

Hello. I've recently been working on a project called Ultimate Super Mario Bros. It is an NSMBW hack that I have been working on. Here is what I have so far:
Level Overview:

Music Preview:
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A Screenshot:

Moar Stuff

Extra idiocy:
Posted on 10-08-17, 03:59 am in Ultimate Super Mario Bros. Wii