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Hello again! Long time no see

princess ripblue




princess ripblue

Thank you!


This is probably the world's first real Super Mario Maker 2 MOD.
Mario and Luigi in Super Mario World are replaced by Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame


Special Thanks
Reimu Hakurei & Marisa Kirisame Sprite by kusamoti(くさもち)
Switch Toolbox KillzXGaming
Posted on 07-01-19, 01:23 am in smm2 Super Mario Maker 2 MOD Princess RIp blue Edition (rev. 3 by princess ripblue on 07-02-19, 04:27 pm)
How to add Custom Costume Mario

1 Extract BossXXX.pack
2 Expand CharaMario_BossXXX.bars
3 in down.bfwav appeal.bfwav goal.bfwav Replace jump.bfwav with bfwav converted
3.5 bfwav is created with NW4F_WaveConverter
5 Recompress CharaMario_BossXXX with sarctool
6 Expand CharaMario_BossXXX_ZZzz.szs
7 Open CharaMario.msbt in CharaMario_BossXXX_ZZzz with kuriimu etc.
8 Edit Name and Title
9 Recompress CharaMario_BossXXX_ZZzz in szs format
10 Expand M1_Item_BossXXX.szs and M1_Player_Chara_BossXXX.szs
11 Open bfres file with bfrestool
12 Edit the dds file that came out with etc.
13 Open bfres with bfrestool and import the dds file
14 Recompress M1_Item_BossXXX and M1_Player_Chara_BossXXX in szs format
15 Delete the remaining folder
16 Expand Static.pack
17 Combine Static / Mush / Boss_CharaMarioAmiiboTable.byaml with yamlconv.exe
18 Open Boss_CharaMarioAmiiboTable.xml with a text editor
17 Add it under the bottom Boss 051
  <value NumberingID = "- 1" Rare = "1" SeriesID = "- 1">
    <CharacterID_Base type = "string"> 0x0803 </ CharacterID_Base>
    <CharacterID_Detail type = "string"> - 1 </ CharacterID_Detail>
    <PackName type = "string"> Boss 052 </ PackName>
  </ value>
17.5 Increase the number by 1 each time you add Costume Mario
18 Save Boss_CharaMarioAmiiboTable.xml and drag and drop it to yamlconv.exe
19 Delete Boss_CharaMarioAmiiboTable.xml
20 Recompress the Static folder with sarctool
21 Recompress the BossXXX folder with sarctool
22 Rename BossXXX.sarc to BossXXX.pack
23 Copy BossXXX.pack and rename it to BossStaticXXX.pack
24 Insert BossXXX.pack and BossStaticXXX.pack into the Super Mario Maker titleID / MOD / content / BossNfp SD card
25 Insert Static.pack into the Super Mario Maker titleID / MOD / content / pack SD card
26 Start sdcafiine from Haxchl etc.
27 Start Super Mario Maker
28 Clear the Easy of 100 Mario Challenge of the Course World
29 After clearing Custom Costume Mario will be added if successful
Posted on 10-06-18, 09:31 am in wii ucostume mario Super Mario Maker Custom Costume Mario
Successfully added Costume Mario which originally does not exist in Super Mario Maker
You can add it by editing BossXXXX.pack and Static.pack
The added Costume Mario is available at Easy 100 Mario Challenge




Posted on 10-02-18, 09:59 am in wii ucostume mario Super Mario Maker Custom Costume Mario
ver 1.20 Release!

Raccoon peach Mega Peach Release
Editor VOICE hacks!

Posted on 04-30-18, 02:22 am in wiiu Princess Peach Maker (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 05-02-18, 12:34 am)
the Mini Mod
All Night Nippon
Super Mario Bros.

Posted on 04-17-18, 11:32 am in wiiusmb1 All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. (rev. 4 by tee on 04-17-18, 01:40 pm)
You can play Super Mario Maker with Princess Peach
Currently Mant Peach NSMBU Peach is not implemented

Screen Shots


Posted on 04-16-18, 01:17 am in wiiu Princess Peach Maker (rev. 5 by princess ripblue on 04-30-18, 03:02 am)
Could you post a Sound.pack that normalizes bonus and boss musics for all styles ? Because we're having a big issue with it right now.
Uploaded! Sound.pack
Posted on 03-11-18, 12:37 am in wii u Bameta edit
Thank you!!!
Posted on 03-08-18, 07:13 am in wii usmw Chinese Super Mario World
I am aiming for the full version of Thalonius Chinese Super Mario World
It is still W.I.P

Screen Shot
Posted on 03-08-18, 07:04 am in wii usmw Chinese Super Mario World (rev. 2 by princess ripblue on 04-04-18, 11:56 pm)
Well ... It is inexplicable that only the fanfare of SMB skin is soft locked, but no countermeasure exists
Only the costume Mario with the exclusive fanfare is not locked
Or you only have to disable M1 skin
Posted on 02-28-18, 05:52 am in wii u Bameta edit
M3* and i'll try it!
Unfortunately the sound effect was not played in that way
Posted on 02-18-18, 03:20 am in wii u Bameta edit
You replaced it.
Posted on 02-18-18, 02:48 am in wii u Bameta edit
Well, it's impossible to add a sound effect
Excuse me...
Posted on 02-18-18, 02:42 am in wii u Bameta edit
There is also a way to replace bfwav to replace sound effects
It requires NW4F_WaveConverter
Please download from
If you change the bameta file of sound effect to 0x2B to 05, you can also play it with bfstm
In that case, create bfstm with the same name as bameta's file name and put it in the stream folder
Posted on 02-18-18, 02:33 am in wii u Bameta edit
How to modify Super Mario Maker's Sound.pack to normalize Fanfare Boss Music Bonus Music
1 Unpack Sound.pack in your preferred way (SARCExtract, etc.)
2 Unpack CourseScene.bars and CourseSceneBGM_XX.bars (M1 M3 MW WU)
3 Open bameta of BGM file with barFolder's bamata and bfstp in Haxeditor
Move to 0x2B of 4 offset and rewrite it to 05
5 Save and pack with SARCPacker
6 Please enjoy!

Please do not use Wexos Toolbox
Also, the wav file to convert to bfwav should be 32000 kHz

CourseScene's WU_DOWNFANFARE MW_BGM_PlayerDown M3_PlayerDown M1_DownFanfare
M1_CastleClearFanfare Do not edit M1_CourseClearFanfare
Soft lock will be done after course clearance or mistake!

Screen shot

Posted on 02-15-18, 12:16 pm in wii u Bameta edit (rev. 1 by princess ripblue on 02-24-18, 11:09 am)
version 12.0 release!
Small Mario Fix
Sound.pack Fix
Posted on 02-14-18, 09:31 pm in releasedwiiu Super Mario Bros.3 Allstars
Thank you
Goal Music Replace!
Posted on 02-12-18, 06:20 am in wii usmm2 wip Super Mario Bros All-Stars
SMA SMA4 Sound Mod!
Posted on 02-10-18, 06:41 pm in releasedwiiu Super Mario Bros.3 Allstars
ver1.01 Release!
block coin conveyer color fix
graphic glitch fix
rail fix

Posted on 02-08-18, 12:17 pm in releasedwiiu Super Mario Bros.3 Allstars

Ghost House BG Replace!
Posted on 02-08-18, 05:00 am in releasedwiiu Super Mario Bros.3 Allstars