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Welcome! Please enjoy your time here :)


amy again?


who are you

Hüseyin the Mighty

welcome :)


why do i even bother

i shan't be returning until i move away from my parents

which may or may not be in 3 yrs

judging by my arseholes of mock grades i will be still doing fuck all with my life at 25 and will never meet you again, so... Goodbye.

Posted on 03-22-18, 06:13 pm in Toad Chat
Dont need to ask its obvious i do lol
Posted on 03-20-18, 01:13 pm in Toad Chat
It was a combined decision between me and my parents. I was against it at first but slowly, seemingly have preferred life without the Internet. I want to focus on my real life and improving that before I return anywhere, I don't want something to end up happening to me IRL if you get what I mean due to lack of knowledge of how to cope with things. :)
Posted on 02-27-18, 02:51 pm in Toad Chat
Yeah, things have been better lately. :)

My issues are being caused by the Internet's strong influence on my IRL actions. Once I'm on the computer I can't bring myself to do anything else and it almost hypnotises me. Which is why I'm deciding to go away for quite a while until I can mature up, forget about things, and get my life sorted before using a computer at home again.

If I do get my life sorted, I'll probably speak to a few people again, if any of you would be willing in that time to join something like an XMPP/IRC server I'll make some time. I don't really want to use Discord again after all the problems I have had using it and with people that I will not name here.

I'll miss you too tbh. <3 You were always a good friend to me, and we share a lot of similarities, hence why we always got on despite our long history of fights and drama (mostly my stubbornness causing this - I've actually became less stubborn in the past weeks it seems)
Posted on 02-27-18, 02:42 pm in Toad Chat (rev. 2 by Kirisame M on 02-27-18, 02:47 pm)
Hey, just to say:

I won't be on the Internet anymore. When I made a questionable and exaggerative comment on Twitter stating that I was going to do something rather severe, somebody reported it to the police. They managed to track down the alias "Amy Scarlett" to my address after about eight hours, and basically, after that it was decided I'm not allowed anywhere near a computer again until at least I've moved out of my parents' home, in order to prevent anything else happening again like the events of the past year or so of my life. If you're wondering how I am typing this I am at school right now (it's snowed and I'm the ONLY person in year 11 who's present).

I'll probably focus on my life and getting a job that I'd be devoted to before coming back, so it might be a good 2-3 years before anyone sees me again. It might be earlier if anything improves IRL in the next while, but... idk.

I'm not even sure if I'm going to return to such communities. Most of you from the current Acmlm communities would have likely moved on by 2-3 years due to life stuff.

Okay, I'll be off. See ya maybe again one day :)
Posted on 02-27-18, 01:41 pm in Toad Chat (rev. 1 by Kirisame M on 02-27-18, 01:42 pm)
Back again ^^
Can't believe we're about 9 months into the place's history :P
Posted on 02-11-18, 02:34 pm in Toad Chat
Lol I should do a kahoot with my community someday LUL :P
Posted on 01-28-18, 07:42 pm in Super Mario Maker Kahoot game announcement!
Blargboard itself requires some decent work done to look professional... :P
Posted on 01-05-18, 11:14 pm in Theme Problem
IE 11 is better than Edge.

That aside, I use Edge on Windows 10 because it seems to have decent battery optimisations on lowend laptops (FF/Chrome drain it).

Mac/iOS I use Safari due to tab sync and a clean UI, while on XP I use Otter, a QtWebKit browser with interface of Opera 12 like. While QtWebKit has middling compatibility with sites it is lightweight and fast, hopefully it can be changed to QtWebEngine in future if compatible with Qt 5.6, the last Qt LTS supporting XP. Otter team has plans to do this sometime.

Opera is a good browser, despite it being Chinese it is a well-optimised and properly maintained Chromium clone.
Posted on 12-20-17, 11:45 am in What Web-Browsers do you commonly use? (rev. 2 by Kirisame M on 12-20-17, 11:48 am)
MD won in Europe because Nintendo treated PAL regions like shit.
SNES did have more nostalgia and such for me though ^^

Both had many high quality games and I love both the SPC700 and YM2612!
Posted on 12-17-17, 12:14 pm in The 16-bit console war
Miky88 isn't a rereg but Moonlight has imposed as him before, he's actually MC's cousin.
Posted on 12-17-17, 12:11 pm in Mario Making Mods Mosts 2017
WIP of the 4.x revival ^^
The guy who made it is on board2 and GBAtemp.

Maybe try experiment
Otherwise, look on sourceforge for 3.x
Posted on 12-17-17, 12:07 pm in Lazy Shell ~ SMRPG editor (rev. 1 by Kirisame M on 12-17-17, 12:08 pm)
Uh, I don't understand. I use Time Warner Cable
He's being obsessed with LF again
Posted on 12-17-17, 12:04 pm in Net neutrality
Yes, though you know this already.
Posted on 12-15-17, 08:41 pm in suggestion Add Gaming and Tech forums?
Realised that this is my thread.
Also my server is hosted in the US... So yeah...
Posted on 12-14-17, 11:12 am in Net neutrality
Electron still isn’t very integral in the system, however. I personally dislike any application made with it as it just doesn’t feel right (plus the stupid Chrome font smoothing is annoying).
Posted on 11-30-17, 08:28 am in Toad Chat
Debian is a better distribution in my opinion.

Back on-topic however, as a user of Windows XP SP3 up until today (switched to Vista SP2), support is literally on its last legs and will probably be gone by Q1 2018.

why not just use windows 7? its got a little more official support left in it unlike vista iirc

7 has telemetry spying updates in every Patch Tuesday nowadays and tries to force updates and prevent you turning off the Windows Update service, like 10, since a while ago.

@Samplasion: Vista SP2 was a rock solid and damn good OS, it’s the RTM that was slow and crappy.
Posted on 11-30-17, 08:26 am in Windows XP
I used to have one of those until Q2 2016. That broke due to my stupid actions...
Posted on 11-27-17, 04:30 pm in Windows XP
Yes, however I was referring to application support. Once Firefox 52 ESR's time is up in June 2018, pretty much nothing of new versions will work... It's a slow and sad death for my favourite operating system. :(
Posted on 11-26-17, 06:29 pm in Windows XP
Java Minecraft is at least cross-compatible. I wish I could have a paid Minecraft version so I could explore. :P
Posted on 11-26-17, 06:28 pm in Minecraft