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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm not sure where I should post something like this, but I was hoping someone might be able to help.

I've been looking everywhere, and I managed to find a tutorial as to how to use custom themes with Cemu, however my problem is no matter what custom theme I use, the game always crashes after the intro if I have a custom graphics pack enabled.
I have followed the tutorial under the FAQ, I have a folder in graphicPacks named SuperMarioMaker_nsmb, inside it contains rules.txt and the content folder, in witch I placed all of the content required for the mod.

rules.txt looks like this:
titleIds = 000500001018DB00,000500001018DC00,000500001018DD00
name = nsmb!
path = "Super Mario Maker/Mods/nsmb"
description = Replaces the Wii U theme with New Super Mario Bros.
version = 3

My file structure is:


Posted on 05-10-19, 04:32 pm in Problem Loading Custom Themes On Cemu
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Since: 05-10-19
Huh, it turns out that was my problem, I was using an old version of Mario maker. Thanks!
Posted on 05-10-19, 09:21 pm in Problem Loading Custom Themes On Cemu