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Hello! Welcome to Mario Making Mods! Hope you have a fun time here, and have a good day.
well I want a new sprite for the original creatures like newer but I con't find out how

you need to code custom sprites, making a new .arc file won't magically spawn it in.
Posted on 12-07-17, 01:02 am in NSMBW questions
Nice potato quality image that doesn't even fit the box
Posted on 09-16-17, 09:42 pm in Toad Chat
I expected it to not be a memory patch
Posted on 09-01-17, 09:48 pm in nsmbw Newer Super Luigi Wii: Dark Moon
luigi physics is a code patch.

Posted on 08-30-17, 06:39 am in nsmbw Newer Super Luigi Wii: Dark Moon
ye so I decided to ask this here for more opinions. What would it take for you to get hyped up for a NSMBW mod?
Posted on 08-15-17, 05:49 pm in Question regarding NSMBW
Why no Luigi physics?
The reason is that these levels are very old and tested without Luigi physics. Also in terms of jump height, the physics wound up being a bit too extreme and didn't even affect Yoshi so they would require tremendous modifications to the layouts of the stages. Additionally, the coder who made them left so we can't modify them and there's nothing reasonable we can do but shelf them.
Send me the code files and I'll happily modify them
Posted on 08-08-17, 04:55 am in nsmbw Newer Super Luigi Wii: Dark Moon (rev. 1 by Fruit Smasher on 08-08-17, 04:55 am)
This does look kinda cool.
Posted on 07-17-17, 05:48 am in wii u Super Minecraft Maker (Minecraft Theme)

The first revision was a joke by toms, and the second one was me correcting it.
Posted on 07-01-17, 05:45 pm in New NSMBW/U board
Toms and I have been working on a board for a while now, designed specifically for NSMBW and U in the near future. The board is currently complete with the following features, with much more to be added later:

-Level depo with selectable themes, sizes, and games,
-More security and active mods,
-Code hacks for everyone to enjoy,
-+ 1 system is back,
-A welcome environment for newcomers to jump right in.

Some features to be added in the future include:

-A faster, simpler way to find and download files,
-NSMBU Database integrated within the board,
-General NSMBU stuff (done :D)
-Other secret things planned to be revealed later on.

As you heard, NSMBU will also be a staple to the board down the road, as to get the ball rolling for NSMBW hacking.
This is a place to share user-made creations and create a stable community.

The board is also expecting a host switch in a few days, so expect a link edit.

Join us at Horizon! :D
Posted on 07-01-17, 04:15 am in New NSMBW/U board (rev. 4 by Fruit Smasher on 07-11-17, 04:36 pm)
Yeah, I think keeping our board independent is a good idea, at least for the start.
Posted on 06-16-17, 09:43 pm in new forum Add NSMBW