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Since: 06-12-17
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I'm Alberto, i like to play SSB, work on mods, websites, games and more stuff.
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Posted on 07-18-17, 08:43 pm in The Quotes Thread
Since the beginning of January, I started working on an ABXD fork aiming to reach version 4.0. Currently, the latest version made public is 3.1.1

This fork fixes a few bugs present in ABXD plus adding new features. For example, a page loop when your IP is banned caused by AJAX refreshers, and some more privacy like now the online page won't show anymore the IP address if an admin is using the IP query page.


- BBcode is now avaiable for the PoRA box. This also denies the use of the <script> tag in there.
- Birthday fields now appears in the profile page like it does in Blargboard. Thanks mistypo -.-
- Admins can now disable account registrations from the settings page.
- Images' size have been compressed. This makes the smilies/thread icon bars load faster.
- Removed language packs because most boards are in english. If they're needed i can upload them in a repository.
- Ability to hire a truck from Delhi, except ABXD doesn't.
- New default theme made by me. This needs fixes.
- Compresses some CSS files. Makes the script load faster.
- Permissions (but they aren't public at the moment)

To do

- Commit to the repository my usergroups stuff.
- Change permission names.
- Rewrite some code and get rid of escape characters.
- Finish integrating usergroups. Well...
- Integrate whack.swf
- Fix a little exploit...

Some links

GitHub repository

A board using ABXD 4.0

Tell me if something is buggy/broken or i missed something and i will fix it.

Thanks anyone for reading this.
Posted on 07-18-17, 08:37 pm in The Quotes Thread (rev. 1 by AlbertoXD on 07-18-17, 08:41 pm)
Hello, I'm Alberto.
I'm 14 years old and i like to play now Call of Duty: Ghosts and hack NSMBW and SSBB.
Also, I'm the owner of GHG (Gamer's and Hackers Group)
Link of discord is on my signature.
Posted on 06-17-17, 04:01 pm in Introduce yourself! (rev. 1 by AlbertoXD on 06-17-17, 04:04 pm)