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Please someone tell hem to create a linux copy of this....

(Maybe I'll learn C and do it myself one day)

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Yeah, I am maor, but under a new name


You should try to hack SMM...


BTW, do you have, or know how to hack SMM, NSMBW or NSMBU?




oh good lord...


"Please someone tell hem to create a linux copy of this...." Of what?
Sorry but what is a tileset? Never got used to this vocabular...
Posted on 06-16-17, 11:23 pm in wiiututorial How to extract Super Mario Maker tilesets
Agree with you @Toms, that's not necessarily good to quote everyone.
Posted on 06-16-17, 11:18 pm in The Quotes Thread
So sega presented something? Didn't know that...
Posted on 06-15-17, 06:41 pm in Toad Chat
Who won e3? (Obvious question but want to ask :P)
Posted on 06-15-17, 06:16 pm in Toad Chat

Some of you may already know me...

Let's say I was on the old board :P.

(I love mario if you didn't saw my username :))
Posted on 06-12-17, 07:11 pm in Introduce yourself!