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Since: 08-09-17
From: Bardoli, India
Hello, I am an active level maker on SMMDB so I thought, why not make a thread here for y'all.
Here are all my levels in no particular order.

[SMW] [The Dare Saga 1-1] [Expert] : The kind of level you get when you play a 100 mario challenge. This was my first level and is utterly garbage. You can try it if you want.

[SMW] [The Dare Saga 1-2] [Expert] : Another level by me featuring puzzling route to finish.

[SMW] [The Dare Saga 1-3] [Expert] : A small kaizo challenge with a mild troll.

[SMW] [Mr.Mole The Taxi Driver] [Normal] : A level based on surfing a cannon "taxi" driven by a mole.

[NSMBU] [Rest In Peace Mario] [Expert] : A challenge level featuring very hard challenges.

[NSMBU] [Tricky Terrains 1-1] [Normal-Expert] : A well thought out level with many tricks to master and enjoy !

[NSMBU] [Tricky Terrains 1-2] [Normal-Expert] : Another level with many tricks to master and enjoy !

[NSMBU] [Tricky Terrains 1-3] [Normal-Expert] : Another One.

[SMB] [Shell We Jump ?] [Expert] : A level with shell related challenges. One of my best levels till date.

[SMW] [Kaizo Rush : Hypothermia] [Expert] : A short kaizo challenge to warm up your kaizo skills.

[SMB3] [Arising Anomaly 1-1] [Super Expert] : Another one of my best levels but crazy hard kaizo is present in the level.

[SMW] [Kaizo Krash Kourse : Basic] : A kaizo training level with infinite checkpoint system. This is currently the most starred level on SMMDB.

[SMW] [Kaizo Krash Kourse : Advanced] : The sequel to the KKK : Basic with more techniques to master !

To download any of the courses, please download the SMMDB [] client and filter the levels by the maker name "TheNawab"

Walkthrough Playlist :
Let me know if you liked any of my levels. Please star them on SMMDB to show some support :)
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