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cool dude
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From: mars
this mod make game over say damn it haha funny fuck word xd

download now
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Posted on 12-07-17, 10:23 pm (rev. 3 by Buntendo on 03-04-18, 05:50 am)
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From: Mushroom Kingdom

JK, though, this is creative.
Old 3DS XL info:
I used to have a 3DSafe A9LH V11.3.0-36U with Luma in my CTRNAND. Since ReiNAND Reibooted and Re-Reileased, I "switch"ed back.
Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.
Posted on 12-07-17, 10:27 pm
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WOW That's Cool and Funny! LOL XD Now that I though about it, Can you Change the "Time's Up!" Screen to the "You Suck!" Screen? that would Be Really Cool.
Here's a Video for this Mod:
Posted on 12-07-17, 10:28 pm (rev. 2 by PopTevin on 12-07-17, 11:44 pm)
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From: Final Destination
Btw this works for EU and JPN aswell. Same for 3DS.
Posted on 12-07-17, 10:37 pm