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So recently, I was watching a Twitch streamer play a level which had a very intriguing glitch. IDK if this was possible before the latest SMM (Wii U) patch [1.47] but here is how it works. It's not very hard to recreate but it has some potential for puzzle and troll levels.

- First place a semisolid anywhere you want, it can be of any height and length. Next, place ground tiles all above it leaving a 1x1 area of semisolid's upper part exposed (i.e. where you can stand).

- Then you can place any sort of activation mechanic, POW block or a P switch ahead in the level parallel to the height of the semisolid's uppermost part.

- Cover the mechanic all around with block so it's not possible to access directly by the mario.

- Here comes the interesting part, it's completely possible to hit or activate that concealed mechanic by throwing a shell inside the wall. All you have to do is to stand beside the open semisolid area (which we left earlier) then jump and throw the shell right when you are going to touch the wall block at the corner with the shell (see video) and the shell will just go through the wall as if it was sliding on the semisolid's upper part.

Preview :

Note :
- The setup I used is not important. The only thing required is the placement of ground and semisolid in that way.
- I have not tested this in other styles. Please let me know if you do.
- This might be possible in older updates but I noticed it rn. So I made this post.


- It's possible even if you don't leave a 1x1 open area for the semi-solid, but it becomes a little bit harder that way.
- Twitch clip of the streamer playing the glitch level :
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Wow; would be nice for glitchy levels!
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