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I posted this awhile back on game banana but I never figured out how to post here.

The Image above Is outdated because I changed the Tool box Icons

For SMM WII U on the SM3 theme
Posted on 03-18-18, 07:40 pm (rev. 1 by PrimalUgly on 03-18-18, 07:43 pm)
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Nice mod! I used this for one of my videos -
Posted on 03-23-18, 02:06 pm
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I really like the reasoning behind this mod -- everything makes sense, and you have chosen the best possible enemies to reskin!

Best possible reskin with the given materials, could use additional programming help to turn a reskin into a 1:1 enemy. Have a power star! :)

Critical breakdown:

Posted on 03-25-18, 12:54 pm