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Download The Great Giana Maker Mod Rev. 6

Download The Great Giana Sisters Title + 1-1 Course

Here's what's done:
- Overworld + BGM
- Underground + BGM
- Ghost House + BGM
- Castle + BGM
- Title BGM

BGM Insertion:
- Dead BGM
- Clear BGM
- High Score BGM
- Game Over / Boss BGM
- Water (?)
- Airship (?)
- Heroes
- Enemies
- Non-Giana Assets
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nice, was hoping someone would do this!
Posted on 04-12-18, 02:38 pm
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Thanks! I'll be updating periodically (like right now) -- we're at Revision 1. There are more things that I'll have to add, like BGM, SFX, enemies, other themes (Ghost -> Title Theme, Water & Airship -> ?), and characters.

I've been working on the StaticPack.pack stuff, which is why the next update is taking a while. I did get rid of the castle lava and add the background water instead. The castle theme is going to have a new palette (not the ground palette again, like Stage 04.), and I have yet to decide whether or not to base the new palette on the C64 version instead. Same goes for the Underground theme -- it's too red. I might go with the Amiga Stage 06 palette instead, for a more subdued red.

I may combine the animations. I prefer the art of the Amiga version, but the C64 version visuals are more lively and animated -- so I would combine the art of the Amiga version with the movements of the C64 version.

I want to put the palettes up for a vote.
Posted on 04-14-18, 02:42 pm
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Looks cool and promising. Good job!
Posted on 04-14-18, 02:48 pm
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Nice job! I'll be sure to try it ASAP. 👍
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Posted on 04-14-18, 11:53 pm
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No more bugs.

I also changed the clouds to be a background element, which means that the trees now have half-platforms above them, instead. I got sick of the levels looking barren without the clouds, and not enough SMB levels use semisolids for decoration. There are also new ground elements -- the statues. This is an experimental feature.
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