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Since: 03-05-18
Welcome to the guide. This guide will show you how to easily center enemies with a spin on the SM64 Fence technique.

Place down a bomb on the lower right corner of where your enemy will be, then spawn two enemies that when big, equal to 2x2 size.

For this example, we use a Chain Chomp as our first enemy, and a placeholder one (in this case a goomba) as our second.

All the enemies except for what you stack onto the placeholder have to be one block above from each other.

After you've placed your enemies, stack another enemy on to the placeholder. It should look like this:

This may not work if you're trying to spawn this from going up or down, but it seems to work when you're just walking up to it.

With the power of mods, you can even make custom statues by editing the chain chomp's block. Maybe make your own 3-block Bill Blaster?

Posted on 04-26-18, 11:26 am