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Hello everyone
I do not speak English, I use the Google translator

  I do not understand how to modify the tiles and background of super mario maker Wii U.

If someone is so kind to change the images that I leave below, I would appreciate it.
  -The SM changes for the Lost Levels version
  -the rest change some tiles

Super Mario Background and Tileset:

Super Mario 3 Tileset:

Super Mario World Tileset & Background:

New Super Mario Bros. U. Tileset:
Posted on 05-20-18, 08:22 pm
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One problem, none of these have pink coin sprite. Are these updated spritesheets?
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Posted on 07-22-18, 06:53 pm
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It not having a pink coin sprite is fine. You just need to add an extra row yourself in order to add that missing sprite. Otherwise, you don't need to change anything
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Posted on 07-22-18, 07:01 pm