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falling upwards

This image was made when it came out super mario maker wii u. Since the SMM2 trailer came out, mark the new objects and villains that will be in that game

What elements would you like to have in SMM2?

I would like it if I could change the music in any background. and it would also be great to be able to create maps "worlds" to place our levels
Posted on 02-23-19, 02:31 am in What should SMM2 have?
I'm going to talk about some details that I found in the SMM2 trailer.

First, the screen to create levels, you will see that now it is more ordered, they are divided by:
-and Switch

It is still unknown that it is the silhouette of a boat next to choose the background.
  Another curiosity is that maybe you can create challenges for example, collect coins (as the image shows)
  Finally, maybe we can play cooperative mode NSMBU style.

something that has improved, is the beginning of the level. on the Wii U could not "join" the tiles we created with those of the initial game and the goal

I also call those circles that are Block, you do not know if it fulfills a function. The currency equivalent to 10 has also been added

Can we finally create vertical levels? I hope so...
  ahh I guess we can change the colors of the pipes

Finally, yoshi of color!

Another curiosity is this background. If you look closely, the tiles are from the forest background. Now I wonder, can we change tiles in any stages?

these are the new stages seen so far:
-Ghost House vertical ??
-Night Star ??
Posted on 02-15-19, 04:05 pm in Super Mario Maker 2: Details
I set some details
1) It seems that we can create "challenges", for example collect coins. in one scene shows those details
2) will have several antecedents or different versions
3) color yoshi
4) Choose a mario, luigi, toad or toadette.
5) and everything we wanted from the wii u will be on the switch
6) RIP Super Mario maker WiiU
Posted on 02-14-19, 02:08 am in Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch announced
What The?....

Click On These Files For Something....Strange

the nsmbU background of SMM 3DS are 2D ?? I would like to have it
Posted on 09-15-18, 03:27 am in requestnsmb2nsmbu3ds NSMB2 Mario Maker Mod Request (rev. 1 by dany1994gus on 09-15-18, 03:27 am)
Hello everyone
I do not speak English, I use the Google translator

  I do not understand how to modify the tiles and background of super mario maker Wii U.

If someone is so kind to change the images that I leave below, I would appreciate it.
  -The SM changes for the Lost Levels version
  -the rest change some tiles

Super Mario Background and Tileset:

Super Mario 3 Tileset:

Super Mario World Tileset & Background:

New Super Mario Bros. U. Tileset:
Posted on 05-20-18, 08:22 pm in Super Mario Maker: SMM Lost Levels and Tileset Changes