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This image was made when it came out super mario maker wii u. Since the SMM2 trailer came out, mark the new objects and villains that will be in that game

What elements would you like to have in SMM2?

I would like it if I could change the music in any background. and it would also be great to be able to create maps "worlds" to place our levels
Posted on 02-23-19, 02:31 am
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Smell like... create a mod!
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Maybe in a update of the game?
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Smell like... Create a level!
Posted on 02-23-19, 03:47 pm
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Yeah worlds seems like a safe bet. I hope we do get full fledged vertical levels.
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Posted on 03-02-19, 03:40 pm
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I hope we do get full fledged vertical levels.

We do, well I am thinking. Also, vertical levels were kinda possible in the old version. But they didn't function the same.

Maybe in a update of the game?

Yeah, Updates are most likely to come out for this game. They updated the old version, so they should update this one after a while.

I also think we should be able to have multiple warp zones, because that was a huge problem for me.

Another suggestion is: We should be able to have a credit system. You know, like for example: When you beat a certain level, you would have to collect credits. Once you have gotten all credits in the level, depending on how much there were, you would be able to buy things such as: Themes, Enemies, Bosses, Tiles, Etc.

Two more suggestions: Sloped pipes, because they would be a really great level mechanic, and Pipe cannons. Those two and the other two would be great to see in a DLC pack or update.
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